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Types of commercial roofing advancements

Types of commercial roofing advancements

Over the years, technological advancements have taken center stage in every front, commercial roofing likewise has embraced the growth by updating cool features, which old roofing systems don’t have. This has made homes more comfortable and reduced the roof damage red signs to exponential levels. With commercial roofing system embracing new technologies, the lives of homeowners have been made more comfortable and less worrying. This is because the technological advancements are used to make commercial roofing systems, which are more durable, saves energy, and withstands different disasters among others. This article therefore will highlight some of the technological advancements in commercial roofing.

Fireproof roofing

With fire becoming the major threat to commercial roofing, technological advancements have found the answer. The new fire coatings are now being incorporated in the manufacture of fireproof commercial roofs. This in turn is very essential as it protects homeowners from suffering great losses caused by fire disasters. You can therefore rest free knowing that your commercial roofing is prone to fires. However,it is important to note that these types of commercial roofing can escalate the fire in the house as they trap the heat inside the office.

Cool roofing

With some commercial roofing systems making commercial building to being extremely hot, the technological advancements have come in to help by providing ways of cooling the building. The cooling roofing is basically a reflexive coating, which allows the commercial roofing system to reflect the hot rays from the sun instead of absorbing it. This in turn makes the house more cool and habitable even in hot environment. This is very essential to many commercial building owners as it saves a lot of energy because air conditioners are not used which in turn saves money.

Green roofing

This is another commercial roofing advancement that is gaining traction all over the world. The green roofing is a term given to roofing systems, which conserve the environment. One type of green roofing is the solar shingles roofs, the rooftops of this kind of roofing are made of solar panels. This in turn helps them in producing the energy to0 be used in the commercial buildings. The green roofing helps in saving energy in that the electricity produced by the solar shingles is used in the commercial buildings.

Flat roofing membranes

Flat roofing has also not been left behind by the commercial roofing technological advancements, newer types of this roofing have been manufactured which are made of TPO and PCV membranes. What these membranes do is making the roofs waterproof which helps in reducing the effects of water damage in homes. They also make the roofing system more durable thus serving you for a long time.

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